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EduCrypto's Founder

I'm a crypto technical analyst, investor, trader and blogger. 

I decided to create EduCrypto to share cryptocurrency knowledge: cryptos and blockchain technology are a revolution, and they can have more real-life applications than you can imagine!

Rosalia Mazza


My Story

I haven't always been in the crypto space.

My background is in international politics, finance and economics - you can read my resume here.

The first time I invested in cryptos was for fun and curiosity. I left my few coins on a crypto exchange and forgot them.

One year later, my coins had increased their value. Not much, but enough to make me even more curious about the topic. I started studying anything I could, and I've found that we were in the middle of a revolution, but not everyone was paying enough attention.

The reason why I didn't believe in cryptos at the very beginning of my journey, was that I associated cryptos with scams and snooty guys. I couldn't have been more wrong. 

The blockchain and cryptocurrencies have a long history, and they were born to protect people's rights, especially privacy. 

Today, companies and new markets are rising around cryptocurrencies and blockchain. 

This is not a game for snooty people. You won't see lambos on EduCrypto. Just education, to become a crypto winner. 

Stay tuned

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